TYZO Coffee (Pouch Bag)

Product Description

4 in 1 instant coffee Buah Tunjuk Langit

This product approved by Ministry Health of Malaysia and HALAL from JAKIM.

Content: 20g x 10 sachets
Packing per carton: 50 pouches bag
Weight per carton: 10kg
Carton dims: 64.0cm (L) x 34.5cm (W) x 36.0 cm (H)
Halal Reference No: MS1500:2009/1 107-06/2013
Barcode No: 9 554100 245263
HS Code: 2101.12 900
AHTN Code: 2101.12 9000

Cargo Details (20 Footer Container)

Total carton: 9 x 7 x 5 = 315 ctns
Total weight: 10kg x 315 ctns = 3150.0kg
Total box: 315 ctns x 50 pouches bag = 15,750 pouches bag



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